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This area is never complete with hauntings popping up all over the place. If you'd liek to submit hauntings to us please feel free to do so at

Aetna Springs

Aetna Springs Golf Course It is reported that there are 8 monks seen spectrally gliding across the golf course. It is believed that they are the ghosts of tortured friars who served in the immediate area.

Borrego Badlands -- It is said that a tall ghostly apaprition appears here to protect the unknown entrance to the gold mines.

Carrizo Wash - On Old Butterfield Rd it is said that the apparition of a stagecoach has been seen, heard and felt.

Pioneer Village -- It has been reported that there has been witness to a spirits party in the Weill House. It is also said that apparitions of children have been seen by the Norris School Building.

Sather Tower/Berkeley University- Some Berkeley students report being followed or watched by the ghost in this tower. It is believed that the ghost is of a former student who jumped to his death from this tower.

Bowman Drive - this residence has an unknown ghost beleived to be the original owner of the property who haunts the upstairs bedrooms. Pillows and beds have been dismantled and footsteps have been heard.

Pickfair- The former home of silent film star, Mary Pickford. She resided here until her death. It has been reported that she still haunts the home along with Douglas Fairbanks and an unknown woman.

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