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These are true client testimonials taken from letters sent to us...

Your staff was so professional and informative that all of my fears were put to rest.
They gave me information on the spirit in my home and helped the spirit to move along to a better place.
I have had no issues since.
M. Andersen
Long Beach, CA

I thought at first that there was nothing wrong in my business and that the noises I heard were pipes and the foundation until I noticed someone walking behind me and saw shadows walking around. I wanted more information about the spirits in my business so I contacted your group. I quickly found out why they were there and what they wanted and you gave me the option to either cleanse or extract. I chose to keep the spirits there because all I wanted was to know what they were. Your staff was so knowledgable and helpful that I was given the piece of mind that I wanted.
Thanks so much for all of the help.
Andrew Moritz
Fullerton, CA

I never beleived in ghosts and spirits until I went on an investigation with your teams. We had a blast and instead of fearing them, I have come to acknowledge and accept them.
Thanks so much for all of the fun and information!!!

Genie Richards
South Gate, CA

When I attended the Ghosts & Spirits Seminar the only thing I knew about ghosts was that I feared them.
I learned the difference between a ghost, spirit and a poltergeist. I learned how to detect them and how to tolerate their presence.
I learned so much more than I thought I would. I came looking for answers and learned a world of information.
It was a great time.
J. Beshears
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

When I decided that I wanted to go on an investigation, I was just looking for something interesting to do and thought that this was just going to be ghost stories and such but when I actually got involved with the organization I quickly realized that you guys really took this seriously and were quite professional. I learned how to "feel" spirits and entities, how to take photos of entities and how to analyze the photos. I had such a great time and I would reccommend this to anyone if they needed an investigation done or just wanted to go on one.

James Kohotec
Big Bear, CA

We welcome all correspondence to include interests, ideas, and opinions. Thanks for all of your support!!!