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The Paranormal Search Engine is Waiting for You!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Paranormal!!!

We at the SCPI are dedicated to the investigation of all things paranormal.
We know that dealing with the paranormal is never easy, especially if you have little to no experience...

That's why we are here

The SCPI specializes in the research, investigation and extraction of paranormal entities. This is to include occult activity.

The SCPI was formed with the client's best interests in mind. There are many organizations out there that steal money or claim to know what they are doing but in acutality they do a great disservice to the real and true organizations that care.

That is why we created the SCPI. With a combined knowledge of over 30 years of private experience we feel that we can offer the client the answers to their questions and give them piece of mind where the paranormal is concerned.
We guarantee satisfaction all around.

If you have any issues that need attention-do not hesitate to contact us.
We have a 24 hour guaranteed response time.

We service all of Southern California and other areas.

General information:



Customer Testimonials:

I contacted the SCPI regarding a problem with restless spirits in my home. I was literally terrified and wanted them to stop disrupting my life.
The SCPI staff came to meet with me and conduct an investigation. The investigation lasted about 2 hours and I had them do an extraction. Since then nothing has happened. The SCPI staff was well trained and versed in these matters.
I reccommend them if you have any supernatural problems.
Anna Kordaire
San Clemente, CA

Free search engine submission and placement services!

Public investigations are free however, private investigations are not.
A public investigation is considered an event where we investigate an open area that is accessible to all and interested parties are invited to join.
A private investigation is considered an event where we will provide services to a home, property, business, etc. These are not free and fees depend upon time, location, and type of service provided.
If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us at any time.

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