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Energy is everywhere: in the trees, in your body and in your home...

we offer services to clean up the negativity in your life

this is when we cleanse the energy in a specific room, or a specific persons energy. It is very simple and quick. The person usually feels better within the area or within themselves in a matter of hours.

Negativity Removal:
this is similar to the cleansing but instead of cleansing the person we remove the cause of the negativity.

House Blessings:
many people feel that thier home must be blessed to bring good things in and to ward off spirits. Sometimes this is true. We offer complete blessings by our staff minister who has extensive knowledge and experience in this and other areas.

House Cleansings:
this is a basic cleansing that is specific to the house and the energy within the house.

These services are great for individuals who have spirits and bad luck.