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Here are basic descriptions of the services that we offer...
for more detail and questions, please contact us.

this is a two, sometimes three part meeting.
We will first discuss in person with the client the nature of the disturbance and any pertinent information. Then we will do a preliminary investigation to see what we find.
The second part will be meeting with the client again and discussing our research findings and how we should proceed.
The third part will be a full fledged investigation with our staff in the company of the client.
Sometimes we can combine this into a two part if the client wishes and the investigation can be completed at that time.

We will be offering seminars on how to detect a ghost or spirit, investigation techniques, and how to communicate with restless spirits. The seminars will be 6 hours with 45 minutes for lunch.

Investigation Research:
the research that we do is based on what the client tells us about the property and its inhabitants. The area and environment come into play as well. We access public records and such to determine our findings.

Spirit Communication:
We have members of our staff who are able to communicate with spirits and read their energy.

Spirit Removal:
The process of guiding a spirit to their place of rest and moving them on from the dwelling.

Check back often as we are constantly adding new Investigation Services...