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These are the newest addition to the list of hauntings that we know of.
The SCPI has personally investigated these locations and can truly attest tha they are definitely haunted.
All of these are public places free for investigating.

Long Beach-

Queen Mary-this enormous ship is full of ghostly tragedy. There are so many spirits remaining here we may quite possibly know the truth about all of them.
The engine room is said to be haunted by a young man who died here. Footsteps can be heard and you will feel as though you are being watched and followed.
The ballroom is where the ghosts are. There has been evidence that chandeliers move and voices along with apparitions have reportedly been seen and heard.
The queens suite is supposedly the most haunted place on the ship. No one that we have talked to knows exactly why or how it became haunted. Supposedly there is the ghost of a woman here who died in this room.
The ghostly passenger is said to be a man who checked in and registered as a guest but when it came time to check on the guest it was found out that he never existed.
The Pool room is one of the most haunted places on the ship. Voices, sobbing, footsteps and watching have been experienced in this area.
For more information check out the Queen Mary's Website.

Sunnyside Cemetery/New Side-this cemetery has reprtedly been the site for ritualistic scarifices and such. The spirits are restless and it is said that if you sit in your car at night you will hear tapping on your car and windows by ghostly fingers. The general feeling of the cemetery is very foreboding and eerie.

Sunnyside Cemetery/Old Side-dates back to the 1800's/ This cemetery has ghosts galore. Apparitions have been seen, people have been touched and noises such as footsteps, muffled voices and such have been heard. This is reportedly the cemetery where parts of the movie ED Wood by Tim Burton were filmed.

Forest Lawn Mausoleum-this beautiful gothic mausoleum is the home of many different spirits and ghosts. You will sense someone behind you, following you and watching you.
The activity consists of footsteps, sobbing, breathing, and more.
There is a statue of a cherup at the end of one of the wings who seems to be alive and have enormous energy. Along with this statue all of the statues seem to watch and follow with their eyes.

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