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Check back often-we are always adding new ones.
If you are interested in investigating one of these public places, let us know!!!

Westwood Memorial Cemetery- It has been reported that the apparition of Marilyn Monroe has been seen here at her tomb. It is said that if you photograph the tomb it is very likley that a ghostly image of her will appear in the photo.

Crawford House- The ghostly activity started when Joan Crawford moved into this tunning home. She and her family along with servants and guests reported hearing voices from within the walls reverberating throghout the house. After her death, the wall behind her bed erupted into flames, without cause. Other owners of the home have reported the same activity.

Kohl Mansion- Frederick Kohl, who was the original owner of the property is said to haunt here. His apparition has been seen in all areas of the home. His footsteps have been heard along with other muffled noises.

Los Angeles Pet Cemetery -Kabar, Rudolph Valentino's dog, is said to haunt here. It has been said that he greets his visitors by licking them.

Shadow Ranch Park- This ranch which is located in the middle of the park is said to be haunted by the original owner. It has been reported that there have been noises, footsteps, muffled whispers and following of unsuspecting tourists.

Skidoo Cemetery- A man named Joe Simpson who is buried here killed the town's banker. He was hung by the neck until dead by the townspeople. His restless spirit haunts this cemetery with noises, footsteps, muffled whipers and more.

Holbrooke Hotel- Is haunted by a woman and a cowboy from the early 1900's. They mainly haunt the basement and dining room.

Hollywood Sign A young woman haunts here. She committed suicide by jumping off of the sign.

Alcatraz- Was first used as an Army garrison and prison. In the early 1900's, it was turned into a Federal Prison functioning for punishment only. There have been reports of clanging on metal doors, whistling, screams, running footsteps, male voices and following of visitors. It is said that certain cells used for solitary confinement, stay cold all year long.

you must first get permission before entering private property for an investigation!!!