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We always have things coming up such as outings, seminars and public investigations...


We offer a newsletter of what is going on in our orgaization to all of those interested...

The newsletter contains information about haunted places, outings, new members and seminars.

While we are a two fold organization (one part business and the other part community organization) we welcome all people to join the group.

The newsletter is featured once a month and will eventually become bi-weekly for all of those interested sign up for the free newsletter.

Public Investigations:

Public investigations are for our members and friends who are interested in going on an investigation to check out the techniques that we use.

We will be having a public investigation once a month at a random place. All investigation last approximately 2 hours.
Contact us if you are interested in joining the fun.

Employment Opportuinites Available:

We have employment opportunities available to those qualified and interested.

All interested parties should contact us at: or

those interested in an investigation should contact us at: or

Please include name, phone number, address, experience, verifiable references, resume and the resons why you feel that you'd be an asset to our team.