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Southern California Paranormal Investigators
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Tell us what you think!

Any comments, information, stories, requests for help, ideas or places that you would like to investigate,

Just click this address to send us mail:

Gina Huprich

Erik Huprich
Investigation Manager

Anne Huber
Area Manager/Recruitment


If you desire to have an investigation done on your home, business or property contact us to discuss the issues at hand.

All investigations such as this are considered private and are kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed whatsoever unless the client is in agreement of such.
Contracts must be signed and payment must be provided at time of service.
Public investigations are free however, private investigations are not.
A public investigation is considered an event where we investigate an open area that is accessible to all and interested parties are invited to join.
A private investigation is considered an event where we will provide services to a home, property, business, etc. These are not free and fees depend upon time, location, and type of service provided.
If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact us at any time.

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